Important notices

Dear Guests,

our experience in recent years in the rental of holiday houses we would like to pass on to you. We want to have satisfied guests and attach importance to a good and honest advice. We know almost all the houses in person, ask us and share your wishes and demands with.

We offer the services of a detailed, telephone counseling, which is often more valuable than many printed pictures, we offer fair prices that the consumption and final cleaning included, as well as flexible arrival days. We offer on-site assistance with problems caused by the service bureau in Tempio / Sardegna.
What we can not offer a service as you have it in a hotel or in a holiday village. We expect our guests who rent a private holiday home, a little generosity and tolerance, and sometimes self-help. No private cottage is perfect. We want guests to enjoy their holiday in the beautiful scenery and the crystal clear sea. Therefore we like to contribute with an honest advice and the best possible in our context service.

Individual days of arrival and departure are possible.
The entry of the holiday house is possible from 16.00 o`clock (04 p.m.) in the afternoon.
Departure by 10.00 a.m. Please note that you pay us only the nights, not days.

Guide-in`s by our workers  at villas are possible until 20.00 / 08 p.m.

Rental period: Minimum stay is always 1 week , shorter period on demand / request. 

What to bring:
bed linen, towels, table linen, adapters, possibly coffee filters and paper. Sheets, towels and cots
can be also provided upon reservation and payment.
All the houses are private homes of Sardinian owners and are equipped according to their taste. Our description of the houses refers to Sardinian conditions that do not correspond always German or north European ideas. Generally, other standards are set in the southern countries, the conveniences of home perfectionism.

We strive to provide a realistic description, but note that some terms "extensible" are or may be interpreted and understood differently. In many homes there are additional devices such as TV, radio, iron, toaster, cooker hood, hairdryer, etc. - for these devices, we accept no responsibility, we can not guarantee that it will always work.

Should they be faulty, is not entitled to repair or price reduction (exception: stove, refrigerator, washing machine). Similarly, there are some houses extras such as mosquito nets, they should be full of holes, is not entitled to a price reduction. Also no price reduction, there is, for example, if the pool illumination of a pool is not working, or can be received too little German channels. Satellite TV can be programmed at the beginning of the season and should not be changed. The use of a television technician costs about 40 - 50 €, these costs we are required to charge, must be reprogrammed if for you the TV or re-adjusted.

Almost all bathrooms are tiled and have always toilet, bidet, sink and shower, sometimes a bathtub. The showers in older homes often have a curtain or the drain in the floor, between the tile joints calcium deposits can be. Please use always possible, the outdoor showers, if any, when you come from the beach to rinse off the sand and prevent blockages of the pipes.

There are kilometers of beaches and rocky coast. You can visit almost every beach, there are few private beaches. Often there is no shadow on the beach, pack an umbrella. In the off-season to stranded plastic garbage and seaweed can accumulate at some beaches, some of which are not yet cleaned. At the most of the beaches are dogs not allowed. Meanwhile, there are also many beaches of sun loungers and parasols and partly parking fees. Various actions of conservationists there are beaches and bays, is where not cleaned up for environmental reasons.

Perfection is a foreign word in Sardinia, please remember that you are traveling in a country with a different mentality and into a private holiday house, but that's charming in its own way. Let the thoughts of most optimal organization at home and take Sardinia as it is: a country with original, scenic beauty, but without german or north european perfectionism. "Absolute" cleanliness there isnt in any House. The houses are cleaned normal before your arrival. Should this have been somewhat forgotten or overlooked, please report it immediately, it will be corrected immediately. Dishes, kitchen inventory and equipment and barbecue must be left in a clean, clean condition. This is not included in the final included (General Conditions 10.8) and the guests duty is to leave kitchen, dish and BBQ clean.

Sardinia is to be discovered. This means that in some places new holiday homes or hotels are being built. If we are informed, where there are "active" sites, we are careful not to offer any joining houses. There are many commenced construction site at which the work quite a can rest up to two years and no impairment of our guests is expected. It may happen that neighbors our Sardinian homeowners grow, renovate or working on their homes or in the gardens. We have no influence! we also have little effect on the local communities, which may occur "overnight" to tear open roads to newly tarred or other works that make noise perform. For these cases, we can not accept a reduction in price. With construction work can be expected especially in the off-season.

We understand that you would like to take with you on holiday your beloved pets. This is also possible in some holiday homes, a reservation is always necessary and you have to make a request for the dog before the booking. The fact is that there are now a dog ban applies to almost all beaches, sometimes controlled. It can happen that you have to leave the beach with the dog. Two or more dogs are accepted in any case. Please consider this in your planning!

We hear from our guests that they not wish to book apartments with "bulky furniture" - there are actually apartments that have older furniture and for some guests. If you attach importance to new, modern facilities, please ask us in advance because we know the houses by ourselfs we will then recommend appropriate homes.

The kitchens are equipped with stove and oven. The refrigerator has almost always a freezer. Crockery is available in sufficient quantity, even if not always in the same design (little things like whisks, paring knives, garlic presses, etc. may be missing). Cooking pots and pans are mostly coated with Teflon and almost always have scratch marks on, also lid can be dented or missing handles. If dishwashers and washing machines are available, they are also mentioned in the description, unfortunately there are usually no international nstructions. Coffee makers are in Sardinia not common and also not exist, instead there are Espresso coffee-makers. Attach possibly with a thermos with filter top. If larger, necessary items are missing, please contact the service office in Tempio. Should further utensils missing or unsightly, you can buy these new and leave the house, we will refund the cost gladly after your holiday (please keep the Invoice and send us).

We help at problems, as soon as possible! Since we have our service partner-office in Tempio, we ask for your understanding, if an employee can not be immediately available because the access routes to the various villas are of different lengths. We can not provide the service you have for example in a hotel or in a holiday village. The ordered bed linen and towels are brought to you, but the beds have to be based in your own hands. Private holiday homes are different and one or the other may be absent. Please understand that we do not let our staff go 100 km due to a lack of kitchen knives. Please also understand that that may assist you in the evening or on Sundays problems until the next morning can be remedied.

A dining table with chairs, usually a couch or chair, cabinets and sometimes a fireplace (not always heated) are available. Often, the kitchen is in the living room.

Noise there can always be, in some places are hotel or resort within sight or earshot, depending on the wind direction, it can be characterized in that animation or music can be heard. For holiday homes, which are located directly on the beach, are often bars, restaurants, surf schools or other facilities in the vicinity which are also not do without noise. In addition, it can mainly on the north-west side have big waves, making the "noise". Other sources of noise are: dogs that can bark at night, crickets chirping, screeching seagulls, vacationers in the neighborhood that their holidays even until late into the night celebrating enjoy intense and mostly Italian guests, the Blazed permanent and loudly with the phone are. This "noise sources" we can not control or stop and it will accept any travel price reduction.

Almost all the houses have outdoor showers and a barbecue grill. The garden furniture are generally made table, plastic chairs or benches that are sometimes not the newest. Deckchairs are rarely available and not part of the basic equipment. Cushions on garden furniture are as good as anywhere yet. All houses have a seat in the open, either on a terrace, balcony or in the garden. Many homes are in "natural gardens" or natural land, that is in German, they are not maintained, there is no grass and landscaped flowerbeds, but here the Sardinian nature spreads with native plants and animals from.
BBQ Facilities should be present in all homes. Unfortunately hardly finished a guest's vacation with the cleaning of the grill used. Thus, the grids are mostly "used" or not visually clean. We recommend using aluminum grill trays and ask our guests to leave the grill so that it can be used by the following travelers with an appetite.
There are in our offer villas and cottages, which have a relatively high price. Mostly because they are lying direct at the seaside. Today is not allowed to build  private houses direct at the beach or seaside. Some older houses are not technically up to date. Please also note that each house has a different owner and therefore never the price / performance ratio of the individual houses can be compared with each other. Often decides primarily a coveted location on price. Basically, we ask you to tell us your demands on design, amenities and location of a house, just so we can give you good advice and you will be a satisfied guest.

We guarantee you an honest advice and consulting! We want you to feel comfortable and right from the beginning. Therefore, action is taken on the spot everything possible to ensure this.

We hope you enjoy a trouble-free holiday, but should but one or the other appear, please call immediately and definitively to the service bureau Sardegna Verde in Tempio, the telephone number will appear on your driving directions or call us in Germany, if necessary also. a message on the answering machine. Please do not send emails (they come sometimes only a few days later at us) or SMS to our landline number.

Almost always have closets or dressers available. The beds have mostly good mattresses, covered with protective covers. Please be sure to use your own sheets, otherwise the cleaning of protective covers will be charged. Bed frames are rare, mostly metal gratings are used tend to to vibrations. Many beds have a metal base, often referred to as "camp bed", this is so common in Sardinia.The blankets are thin, duvets are not common. 95% of all double beds have solid mattresses.

Many homes can be abit noisy for a light built structure. Rooftop limitations and railings on balconies not always correspond to German or north european safety standards, please watch your children. Houses that lie directly in the sea, are in permanent contact with atmospheric materials such as water, salt, rain, wind. Here plaster or paint can flake off, doors and windows can sometimes be distorted and there are more frequent rust stains. When the temperature changes day / night or prolonged rains moisture in homes can occur, here you must independently ventilate.

In general the roads are quite well developed and very curvy. The access roads to our private homes are often bumpy dirt roads, which may change after each rain. If this is (important for motorcyclists and lowered / sporting cars) for you and your car is important, please inquire before booking!

Like almost everywhere in the South, the technics and materials inside the houses have not the high standard from northern Europe. Technical problems or failure`s can happen more often. Above all, we ask to note that the energy power of the individual houses are usually max. 3 kW and big power guzzler such as boilers, washing machines and dishwashers, and a hair dryer should never simultaneously be in operation. In many homes you will find no EU standards on electric lines. In some houses, the water pressure is not optimally controlled. The drainage pipes of sanitary equipment have a much narrower diameter than normal, thus clogging can occur faster. Please never throw anything into the toilets which not belongs there.

The water from the tap, you should boil / cook before drinking or use bottled water. Rainwater can often missing for months, therefore, the water supply may be limited, for this we are not responsible. It may also happen that the local communities off the water temporarily, then we have no influence. The sea water is crystal clear, because it is one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean and ensures untroubled bathing.

Most of the houses are surrounded by gardens or bushes and nature, where the small animal world is still intact. Here you can meet so ants, mosquitoes, spiders, beetles, field mice, Norway rats, or non-toxic snakes. These animals know also no differences between villas and simple country houses.